Privacy Policy

MSAC is committed to ensuring your personal information is managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and all relevant State legislation.

The Privacy Act 1988 contains the National Privacy Principles which, in conjunction with other Privacy Legislation, set the standards for the way MSAC handles personal information.

This guide sets out how we collect and use certain types of information, how we keep that information secure and how you can obtain access to that information.

  1. We will only collect information that is necessary for the work of MSAC.
  2. Before collecting information we will consider whether we need the personal information.
  3. We will not collect personal information about an individual just because that information may be useful later.
  4. We will tell people what we will do with the personal information we collect about them.
  5. We will not disclose personal information to other organisations or other people.
  6. On request we will give people access to the personal information we hold about them and allow them to update or remove their personal information from our records.
  7. We will keep personal information secure in a password protected database.
  8. We will keep personal information accurate and up to date.
  9. We will not keep personal information after we no longer need or are no longer required to retain it.
  10. The Chair of MSAC shall be responsible for ensuring that information is collected, handled and disposed of in accordance with this policy.